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5 min readNov 5, 2021

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Spotify’s system maps playlists to accounts, which makes it hard to change your username. But, you can create a new account with a new username, then contact Spotify’s customer support team so they can transfer everything, including your playlists, to your new account. To do this, you need to first close your current Spotify account.

Spotify is an app in which we can listen to online music of our choice. It has a huge collection of around 35+million songs. You can select your favorite album, artist, and track. Spotify account comes into types like the free and paid model.

Spotify Account

It has approximately 170 million customers. It has a lot of customers. It is due to the free version as many people are using it as it is free of cost. People can enjoy their favorite songs, albums, and artists without paying any cost. This is the huge advantage that it has gained many people, and by this, many people also transfer to its paid version due to its features and addiction. It is actually not only an online music app, but it connects music lovers over social media.

In this article, we will explain to you the full process of how to change the username of the Spotify account, which is the query of many people. So let’s start with the process and read it one by one so that it will be clear to you easily.

Spotify Account Username

The Spotify account connects each person by their username. It is like every person can search for each other by their username. It is not so easy to change the username of the Spotify account. You have to make some strategies to change the username of the Spotify account.

It is not easy even after making the strategies of changing the username. Because it is very difficult as one time your identity has been used, it cannot be easily changed. As the people know you by that name and Spotify does not allow you to change it again and again.

A username is the identity of the person on the online way as people get connected with you by that name and knows you by that name only. By this, it become easy for others also to find you on the Spotify app.

Methods of changing the Spotify username

There are many methods to change the Spotify account username they are as follows:-

1. You can connect your Spotify account to your Facebook account

It is a very easy way to change the username of the Spotify account by linking it to your Facebook account. Once it is connected, your username will be changed according to the Facebook username automatically. You can see the process to change it.

How to change the username for the desktop users

There is no rule made to change the username means you can change it using the website or the app. You can also connect to Facebook by Spotify instead of using the form. Steps to follow while linking the Spotify account to your Facebook account.

  • Go to the official website of Spotify
  • Log in to the Spotify account by using the details that you have provided while creating the Spotify account like username and password.
  • After that, when you are logged in, go to the settings by pressing the down arrow.
  • You need to see the social media option there
  • As you see the social media option of Facebook, you need to connect your Facebook account there
  • You need to fill all the details of your Facebook, and as it gets logged in, your Spotify username will be changed automatically.

How to change the username for the mobile users

You need not go through the official website of it. You can change it just by using the app. Steps to follow is as mentioned below:-

  1. You need to fill all the details of the login by which you created the account.
  2. After that, you need to click on the settings and need to find the social menu where you need to find the Facebook option.
  3. Fill all the login details of the Facebook account as soon as you fill in your Facebook account will be connected to Spotify.
  4. As the account is linked, your username will be changed automatically according to a Facebook username.

2. You can Open New Facebook Account

If you do not want to keep the username the same as the Facebook username and want to keep according to your choice. Then just make the new Facebook account and keep the name accordingly, which you want to be known by and then connect it with the Spotify in the same process. It is a very easy process as whenever you want to change the username, just create the Facebook account.

3. Open the New Spotify account

If you do not want to link your Facebook account and want to change the username of the Spotify account, then the best and easy option is that you can create the new Spotify account and get the username of your choice. This method does not work for the premium account as you have to pay some for the changing of the username at the end of the month.

Features Of Spotify

How To Change Password On Spotify App Iphone

Spotify has some very amazing features which you are going to love. And will start using Spotify for listening to online music.

Change Password On Spotify App Windows 10

  • Quality of sound: — It has a very good sound quality and the options also where you can adjust it according to your choice. The quality of sound can be customized according to your choice and taste.
  • Artist Search: — In this, you can search the artist’s name of which you want to listen to the music and can enjoy your favorite songs of that artist anywhere you want.
  • Playlist Folder: — You can create the folder of your playlist by adding the songs of your choice and can stream that folder to listen to your favorite listed songs. One thing to note in this is that it can only access the desktop app.
  • Deleted Folder: — If you have deleted the folder and want the folder, then it is also possible as you can recover it. You just need to go through the account option of the website and visit the setting, and there you will find a recover option.

How To Change My Password On Spotify App


It is possible to change the username of the Spotify account. But it is not possible to change the password of the account. One more thing, as you delete the username than you cannot get it back. However, this app has not upgraded too much to make it easier for its users. But it is the best app to use to stream the music online as it has many features. I hope you like the article on how to change the username of the Spotify account.

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